Destiny Credit Card Payment

Destiny credit card payment is very easy and fast. Destiny credit card is a finance card that provides advanced money to their customers. Moreover, with this credit card, anyone can make payments without money, and after that, money will be collected from you. It is a card that provides advance money, and after their specific time; customers want to pay credit card bills from Destiny Credit Card Login, which they had spent on their shopping to buy groceries pay utilities bill recharge and many more.

It helps in many ways and makes it easy to make Destiny credit card payments. On this website, you can find about how to find addresses, options to make payments to Destiny credit card, phone number, mailing address, posting time, and how to log in to Destiny credit card payment.

Destiny Credit Card Payment at

Destiny credit card payment is very simple and short. Once you use it for purchases of groceries or any other items, you receive a monthly statement closing date. The payment schedule is due a few days after your statement closing date.

In addition to this, this will show in your monthly statement. This website mainly focuses on all the ways of making payments on your Destiny credit card.

So, please read all the instructions while you use your Destiny credit card for payments and make sure to look at this website for more details on how to do Destiny credit card payments.

Destiny Credit Card Payment Address

You can mail your payment to the following address:

Destiny card / Concora Credit,
Inc PO Box 23030
Columbus, GA | 31902-3030

Destiny Credit Card Payment Customer Service and Phone Number

You can contact 1-800-583-5698 for any help or want any assistance related to your Destiny credit card.

Destiny Credit Card Payment Mailing Address

You must send this written notice to this mailing address in case you do not receive a call or no one can assist you better on call:

Genesis FS Card Services,
PO Box 4477, Beaverton,
OR 97076.

Destiny Credit Card Payment Posting Time

It will take 1-12 business days, depending on what method you are using to make payments to the Destiny credit card.

How Do I Pay My Destiny Credit Card?

You can pay your Destiny credit card payment by:

  • Online by signing in to your Destiny credit card account.
  • The phone number on your Destiny credit card OR Calling (844) 222-5695.
  • Lastly, you can pay your credit card bill via MoneyGram by using the feature of bill payment.

For this MoneyGram feature, you should contact Destiny card customer service for accurate details on how to send money via MoneyGram.

Destiny Credit Card Minimum Payment

$40 or 7% of the statement balance of Destiny card minimum payment plus some bank charges like,

  • Fees
  • Past-due amount
  • Interest, whichever is higher from these three, will be payable.

If your balance statement of your Destiny credit card is less than 40$, then the minimum payment balance will be equivalent to your credit card.

Destiny Mastercard Credit Limit

The maximum credit limit will be around $700, but that limit is only available on some Destiny cards. Good credit limit cards are chargeable with annual fees of $175.

Destiny Card Cash Advance Limit

Be aware that there is a daily maximum withdrawal limit of $100.

Before proceeding further, it is crucial to understand that cash advances with the Destiny Card come with a highly expensive rate of interest. Initially, there is a fee of 5% or a minimum of $5.

Can I Pay My Destiny Card With a Debit card?

No, for Destiny card payment, you can not use a debit card. But you can use a bank account which has a linked debit card. You can pay through electronic transfer from a bank account.

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